Westbourne Grammar was established on Christian values and throughout its history those values have continued to underpin the school community. Students are actively encouraged to develop an understanding of Christian values and of the moral and spiritual dimensions of life.

To this end, our chapel exists as a space where self-reflection and explora­tion of the Christian ethos and tradition is nurtured. The chapel is a place of peace and reflection where students and staff from all faith backgrounds and endeavour are welcomed. In this inclusive environment each individual is able to engage in a journey of personal-discovery surrounded by love and acceptance.

Regular chapel services are opportunities for worship, encouragement, and exploration. Students from all year levels are involved in the running of these services, and actively contribute through bringing prayers, scripture readings and musical accompaniment.

The school chaplain provides support to individual students and the school community as a whole through pastoral care. In this role the chaplain helps foster a sense of community and Christian values throughout the school. In addition to playing an important role in wellbeing structures and activities the chaplain oversees the chapel and leads regular liturgies and worship services. The chaplain provides a presence with whom students and their families can talk and is available to encourage and support students experiencing emotional and spiritual concerns.
… that was where the non-denominational approach to religion from Westbourne was immensely helpful, because regardless of what faith we followed and our heritage, the focus was more on enabling us to become better human beings and develop qualities that are essential to life, a common theme among many different faiths.
Shihab Deen Mohamed School Captain 2017